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Home and Decor Spotlight | November 2017

November Decor

Every month at La Maison brings unique finds to our store to match the changing seasons. Our November decor has brought some wonderful designs that welcome in autumn, some truly spectacular pieces of furniture, and even a bit of the Christmas season.

November Decor Spotlight

  • Late 19th Century Victorian-styled store counter – Every now and then we find on a massive, gorgeous piece of furniture. Made from rich oak and pine wood, this counter is large, hardy, and gives an attractive, Apothecary feel to a room. In the right room, this counter won’t just make a statement – it’ll make and exclamation!
  • Pair of wood and leather chairs – We wrote an article on our blog recently about the wonderful collection of long time Memphis designer Vance Boyd; these chairs are a perfect example. A simple but unique design, these chairs will work wonders to complement any style of room.
  • Large Tic-Tac-Toe board and assorted games – Who says you can’t have fun with your decor? These games are made from white bone – and the tray is also made of nickel – and provide a sophisticated touch to a room. In black and white, you’ll have plenty of options of where to store these games; just make sure they’re a focal point!
  • Pair of Asian-styled chairs and church pedestals – Black and gold is a great combination. Modern designs feature clean lines and neutral colors; these chairs are a great way to add a touch of personality. The wooden pedestals are a gorgeous color and made from reclaimed wood as well.
  • Gold and glass ornaments – The holiday season is right around the corner, but these bowls and ornaments aren’t just for Christmas. Made of glass and sporting a gorgeous geometric pattern, they’re just as great for your November decor as they are for the Christmas season.

Our Design Collection is a great place for more design inspiration. You can also take a look at our older Decor Spotlights at our blog. If you’d like to inquire on any of these pieces, feel free to give us a call 7 days a week at (901) 537-0009.

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Home and Decor Spotlight | September 2017

Francois Theophile Etienne

Our Decor Spotlight this month features some really incredible items as we’re heading into Fall. It also features a little of everything: An absolutely jaw-dropping antique painting, an exquisite wine rack, unique gift items and more.

September’s Decor Spotlight

The Storyteller by 19th Century artist Theophile Gide – This 8ft x 6ft is a colossal, stunning piece of artwork that dates back to the 1800s. Written words cannot do this piece justice – it’s worth the trek to La Maison just to see this piece. Honestly, we’re not sure how we even attained it; it should be taking residence in a museum…or a foyer!

We also have some incredible items to highlight from a brand new vendor: Cotton Row Uniques! You might not find many lumberjacks in Memphis, but there’s many men who could do with a stylish tote bag! They also have many gift items to give to the men in your life – hair and shaving balms, hand lotions and more.

Wine racks are always stylish and a great decorating fit for your favorite connoisseur. But how about a wine rack made specifically from a wine barrel? It’s a gorgeous fit on any wall and the natural-colored branded wood is a fantastic conversation starter.

Lastly for September decor spotlight, here’s a pair of accessory pieces with antiqued glass to bring some sophistication to your decor! The size and design of these allow them work shift seamlessly from acting as a centerpiece to an accessory on a mantle or side table.

For more design inspiration, browse our Design Collection and dial in to the specific items you are looking for. If you’re new to home decorating, we interviewed interior decorator Steve Nabers of Nabers Interiors last month; Steve was kind enough to share some of his own designing tips – and he even has his own vending space in La Maison!

Click here to visit August’s Home and Decor Spotlight

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Home and Decor Spotlight | August 2017

home and decor spotlight

A place for the newest and best of home decor in Memphis

La Maison Antiques sees a lot of changes from month to month as our decorators stay on top of the newest designing trends. You can visit our Designer Collections to see a large sampling of their efforts. But we wanted to create a place to proudly display the newest changes to our store. And here it is: our Home and Decor Spotlight!

We’ll try to do a monthly post to show you what’s new – both to our store and in the designing world. Enjoy our slideshow below which has a little bit of everything. You’ll find cozy antiques, sleek, modern touches, and even some unique smalls and quirky designs.

Keep an eye on our blog in the future! We’ll have posts in the near future to discuss decorating styles and even tips from our favorite Memphis designers!

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