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Home and Decor Spotlight | August 2017

A place for the newest and best of home decor in Memphis

La Maison Antiques sees a lot of changes from month to month as our decorators stay on top of the newest designing trends. You can visit our Designer Collections to see a large sampling of their efforts. But we wanted to create a place to proudly display the newest changes to our store. And here it is: our Home and Decor Spotlight!

We’ll try to do a monthly post to show you what’s new – both to our store and in the designing world. Enjoy our slideshow below which has a little bit of everything. You’ll find cozy antiques, sleek, modern touches, and even some unique smalls and quirky designs.

Keep an eye on our blog in the future! We’ll have posts in the near future to discuss decorating styles and even tips from our favorite Memphis designers!


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