The Top 2019 Home Decor Trends

Near the end of every year, home decor experts like to try to predict the trends that will rise in popularity over the next twelve months. And while it’s important to understand what people are looking to add to their homes, it takes months to truly understand what people are looking for.

So what have been the most popular trends in home decor in 2019? Here are the trends we’ve seen in the Memphis home decor scene. And you’ll be able to find plenty of these items in La Maison Antiques.

Natural Wood

Wood gives warmth to a room whether its furniture, the floor or a wall. White kitchens may be slowly giving way to more natural finishes. Wood grain has its own beauty and individuality.

Earthy Colors

Again we see the reemergence of warm, comfortable natural colors and textures . Greens, browns, oranges and other colors that have fallen out of popularity are coming back. (Hopefully, we don’t go as far as avocado appliances again!)


Plants have always been popular but can be a little boring. However, with many exotic and colorful options to choose from along with fashionable hardwood and terra cotta pots, plants can add a great touch to a room. For those who do not have a “green thumb” there are many lifelike options for artificial plants available.

Adding some greenery to your decor is a quick way to freshen up the feel of a room and one of the best ways to decorate on a budget.

Curvilinear Furniture

Curvilinear sofas, chairs and tables have a unique mix of curves and straight lines to provide a fluid and organic look. By definition, curvilinear furniture has a frame with a mix of both curves and straight lines. (Bonus points for sounding sophisticated if you can work curvilinear into a conversation!)

Sage Green

The one color that seems to be leading the way in 2019 is sage green. Not emerald green, not forest green and not neon green. Sage green is a soft, warm and natural color that is fresh and relaxing.

Wall Suspensions

We are not talking unframed photos here. The wall suspension trend is for hanging textiles and tapestries with colors and patterns to give a cozy and original touch.


Terrazzo is a concrete with colorful “debris” embedded in it to display a beautiful raw texture and design. In the 1970’s terrazo was popular on floors but it is making its way into lamps and even walls. A white background filled with soft colors of debris has a unique and pleasing appeal.


While white walls may contribute to a bright and lighted room, black adds contrast and definition. Whether it is an entire wall or just a chair or pendant, black can add a sophisticated appeal to a room. So, that makes black the new black. If you go for black walls to make a statement, be sure to add enough lighting and bright colors to the room.

Statement Ceilings

Accent walls are fairly common these days, and accent ceilings are following right behind. The concept is to lightly decorate the walls of a room and instead using the ceiling as the room’s focal point. It’s a great concept for giving a room a surprise and striking effect, and one of the decor trends that are picking up in Memphis.

Sustainable Fabrics

Back to the natural theme, sustainable fabrics are popular because they can add a warm and cozy feel while not causing a negative impact on the environment. Unique textures and designs are an added benefit for going green with home decor.

Retro Vibes

Nostalgia is a powerful force. Tastefully incorporating some throwback patterns and looks is a great way to add color and warmth to a room. While some things are best left in the past, (like shag carpeting and the aforementioned avocado appliances) a little retro vibe can be a good thing.

Personal Touches

Regardless of the prevailing styles and trends, what makes a space your own is the personal touches you give it. Now, that doesn’t mean you should turn your living room into a family photo album. But with a few moderate touches, you can personalize your home and create a positive aura. Unless you’re a seasoned decorator, however, be mindful of the additions you make.

At La Maison, we have plenty of items that can be used in the design trends mentioned above. If you’ve a certain style in mind or an idea you’d like to try for your home, feel free to contact us at (901) 537-0009! Our staff is always happy to help and can guide you in the first steps of making your house a home.

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