What’s New? Top 2018 Home Decor Predictions

Interior design is a constantly changing art that tries to please home owners. Tastes will adapt and trends will follow – so what can we expect from 2018 home decor? For Lauren Smith, the Home Editor for Good Housekeeping and House Beautiful, staying on top of current trends is essential. Her recent article 16 Décor Trends that Are Going to Be Hot in 2018 is testament to that as she consulted with HGTV stars Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper and Genevieve Gorder of Trading Spaces to find out current and emerging trends.

What was really interesting about their list from our perspective was the emphasis on bolder, innovative designs.

2018 Home Decor Trends

  • Lavender will be the hot color in 2018, replacing millennial pink.
  • An emphasis on high contrast color palettes. Joanna Gaines said that she loves to offset bold colors with white.
  • Geometric patterns remain popular. They predict that circular patterns will emerge as a favorite.
  • Tone on tone with trim and furniture the same color as the walls.
  • Brass accents are replacing brushed silver and stainless steel.
  • Moodier palettes with more gem tones and more flexibility in texture and finish are trending.
  • Olive green will make a big comeback as a soft and natural complimentary shade.
  • Natural materials and views to reflect the geography of a location will be big in 2018.
  • Woven textures and artisan accessories to add an international flair are in.
  • Geode and agate wallpaper will be more readily available and are growing in popularity.
  • Colorful trim and decorative finishes that add a warming touch are in demand.
  • Large and oversized tiles which are both aesthetic and functional are the current tiling trend.
  • Warm colors are coming back after a cool and neutral color phase.
  • Velvet furnishings are back in style.
  • There is a resurgence of bold patterns such as big florals.
  • Artisan fixtures with unique designs and LED lighting are very popular.

Many of these trends shirk traditional design and they can create a completely new feel to your home. In this first month of 2018, we’ve seen our vendors at La Maison adapting their own designs to bring fresh life into your home. That’s one of the most wonderful things about La Maison: There are wonderful designers like Gaines and Gorder on television, fixing up houses in an hour-long show. But at La Maison, we have a collection of nearly 40 professional designers all collaborating to do the very same to your home!

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