La Maison’s first televised commercial

Over the past year at La Maison, we’ve focused on providing our guests the best shopping experience possible. We made updates to several systems in the store with your comfort in mind – we’ve even taken to offering our guests a cup of coffee!

This is why we’re excited to announce our first ever television commercial! This commercial will run exclusively for Comcast television sets through the month of March. We’ve put a lot of work into La Maison this past year and we’re pleased that we now have the chance to invite others to our home.

We call La Maison our home not just because our store means that in French – we truly hope that our store feels like home to you and that our merchandise brings a special joy to your own home. From a business sense, having our own commercial is an accomplishment to celebrate. More importantly, it’s an accomplishment we would never have happened without you – our guest.

From the La Maison staff, believe us when we say…thank you.

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