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We get a lot of questions on home decor and business opportunities at La Maison. This post should serve as an answer page to some frequently asked questions. We’ll try to keep this page updated as new issues arise, but feel free to contact us if you ever have any further questions!

Does La Maison buy antiques or other items from individuals?

No. La Maison focuses on renting space to dealers who supply a collection of merchandise that is sold in the store. La Maison does not buy items from individuals.

Does La Maison accept items on consignment?

No. Consignment can be quite complicated. There is a lot of paperwork involved and it can be difficult to keep track of consignment items. Thus, La Maison does not offer consignment. The roster of local businesses that offer consignment changes frequently. At the present time we recommend contacting Consignments or Sheffield’s regarding consignment services.

Does La Maison do appraisals to determine the approximate value of antiques and other home decor items?

No. As stated, the store’s focus is renting space to dealers and processing the sale of our dealer’s merchandise. When it comes to determining the current value of an item the internet is usually the best initial resource. For insurance or other legal purposes we recommend contacting a professional appraiser.

What does La Maison recommend as the best way for an individual to sell personal and/or family owned items?

The answer depends largely on what is being sold. For large/heavy household items, estate sales are often the best option. It is not always necessary to hold a full blown estate sale in order to sell items through an estate sale company. For specialized or collectible items, EBAY or other internet sites might be the best choice. Consignment can be a viable option if the individual can find a suitable company to accept the item(s).

What are the requirements for renting a booth at La Maison?

We seeks dealers that offer merchandise that fits well with the store’s focus of providing high quality home decor items and related merchandise with an emphasis on antiques. Dealers must have the sources and resources to maintain the booth over time and restock as merchandise is sold.

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Vending with La Maison

Vending La Maison

La Maison is all about home decor – including providing home decorators the platform to succeed. Vending with La Maison gets you on Poplar Avenue right in the heart of Memphis; it also gives you a passionate staff to aid in promoting and selling your merchandise. We also provide 24/7 video surveillance to protect your investment, sales information available online, and even packaging materials. If you’re looking to jump two feet first into interior decorating, La Maison is the place to be!

Check out our flier below! Learn more about what we look for in prospective vendors by contacting us at [email protected] or (901) 537-0009.

Vending Flier

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